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A Commentary On Sri Aurobindo's Poem "ilion"


  • Binding: Hard Cover
  • Language: english
  • ISBN: 9788175090477
The blurb states regarding Sri Aurobindo's poem Ilion that it "ranks as one of the world's masterpieces among heroic epics. A magnificent composition in hexameter, unique in English poetry, its lines carry a musical melody uplifting the reader to heights of enchanting ecstasy. Its nobility and grandeur are brought out in beautiful imagery and exquisite poetical language abounding in figures of speech. The characters in the poem are of a high calibre and the references to Greek Mythology add to the depth and richness of the poem." "... human nature itself in its range and subtlety is revealed in the poem." The author's commentary "takes the reader into a journey of discovery. His deep study and detailed analysis highlight the subtler dimensions of poetry, revealing new depths of meaning. His lucid explanations of prosody and the science of versification help us to enter new realms of poetic appreciation." Murugesu intersperses in his running commentary and exposition, passages and parallels from Savitri and the Indian epics, as well. While doing so, it seems the critic has in mind both the scholar and the abecedarian.