About Us

VAK, the Spiritual Book Shop

Right from its conception since 1984, we are known as established publishers in the line of the bible edition prints & low cost publications for most of the important works of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram based at Pondicherry.

We are also known & familiar as established booksellers in the line of Yoga, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, and similar subjects, from various distributors around India. Worldwide customers flock to our bookshop placed at a niche locality in Pondicherry to purchase rare and affordable titles of some world fame authors.

VAK, the Spiritual Photo Shop

Known as VAK Photo Shop - attractive photographs of the Mother & Sri Aurobindo of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry are sold exclusively & also converted into personalized, specialized, hand crafted photo frames. They range from 4" x 6" (maxi) size photographs & photo frames to 30" X 40" carving frames.

We also have a range of gift articles, such as pens, key chains, incense sticks, aromatic design candles, various night lamps, car stickers, rings & pendants in silver, gold & roll gold, incense sticks & cones, incense stick holders & cone boxes made of beautiful hand crafted wood, exquisite statues of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother in marble, brass & bronze, brass symbols in various sizes. We have in our display a host of Hosiery articles, namely T-shirts for men & children, printed & embroidered georgette & cotton saris, towels, bed sheets & pillow covers, caps for ladies & gents, hand embroidered & painted handkerchiefs.