Awareness through the Body - in the kindergarten

Awareness through the Body - in the kindergarten

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Aloka Marti & Joan Sala
Awareness Through the Body

Awareness through the Body in the kindergarten - Aloka Marti & Joan Sala

Th first step towards cultivating attention, relaxation and self- awareness.

The journey of coming to know oneself and finding fulfilling ways for self-regulation and self-direction is a lifelong journey. In life, we find oursleves sorting out things as we go, as best we can. Very often, we only realise much later that we have been missing some basic understanding about what we really are, and that we have never acquired some basic abilities for how best to use ourselves. When this happens, we start looking for ways towards self-knowledge and self-regulation, not knowing exactly where to begin.

What if at a veyr early age we had been initiated into the basics of life: the baiic abilities that one needs to better know oneself and the world, and the basic skills to manage oneself more efficiently.

This is what this book is about.

Awareness through the body - ATB - is a way to provide children and adults with the opportunity to develop the basic abilities for self-knowledge and self-regulation. It offers a safe space to develop an intimate, non-conceptualised body-felt contact with the most central part of oneself.

Its practices have been developing and refining for over 28 years now.

Many people in India and aborad have been successfully introducing ATB principles and pactices into their own work and life.

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