Dharma of Disciple

Dharma of Disciple

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Swami Satyananda Sarawati
Yoga Publications Trust, Bihar

"A disciple is the transmitter of the guru's shakti.For shakti to be transmitted,the wire has to be carbon-free.If there is accumulation of carbon in the wires that carry electricity from one bulb to another,the lights will not come on.Therefore,the aim of discipleship is to remove the accumulated carbon from our wires and ensure that they are always clean so that the current of divine grace can flow continuously and constantly,and that is the dharma of a disciple." The dharma of a disciple was the theme of the satsangs given in August 2010 at Ganga Darshan,after Swamiji returned from Guru Poornima celebrations at Rikhiapeeth.Beginning with insightful reflections on the guru tqttwa,Swamiji leads us to assess where we stand as a disciple,our character and it's strengths and weaknessses,and how we can move up from where we are fortyfying our base and acquiring the necessary attributes.The satsangs answer a fundamental spiritual question:what is the heighest truth that an adherent of the guru-disciple tradition must live by,in other words a regular SWOT test on oneself.

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