Kural: The Great Book of Tiru-Valluvar

Kural: The Great Book of Tiru-Valluvar

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C Rajagopalachari
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

This book contains selections from the living verses of the immortal Tamil Poet-Saint Tiru-Valluvar. The selections are made with the acumen native to Rajaji and are explained in the English which is his own. They are sure to enrich the reader’s mind. 
More details: Tirukkural is a poetic composition of great antiquity in the Tamil literature. The first book of Kural is perhaps the most appreciated work in Tamil Literature. It deals with the duties of man as a householder and as an ascetic whereas the second book of Kural deals with policy in worldly affairs including state-craft, full of interest for the scholar and the historian. This volume consists of selections from the first and second books of Kural with text in Tamil and translations and notes in English and gives to non-Tamil readers, a comprehensive idea of this justly famous classic of Tamil literature. 

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