Guidelines for Yogic Practices

Guidelines for Yogic Practices

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Dr. M.L. Gharote

The guideline for yogic practices’ is in the form of a yarn made out of the cotton bolls. Our yogic savants have left us a legacy of yoga- Shastra based on their experiments making a man psycho-physiologically balanced by influencing the internal secretions, toning up the musculature and attaining mental poise. This system is better and more effective than any other in vogue today. With the most practical outlook swami kuvalayanandji dexterously gave the old yogic practices a new dimension by providing scientific explanation and bringing the practices within the reach of common man. We have continued the thread of his yogic tradition in the book. The important stages of the practices have been illustrated to give their semi-slow motion continuity. The basic information, provided in the book, gives every man capability of reaching the acme of psycho-physical fitness required in modern times. The book forms a thread that may be termed as 'applied science'-of the old & the new -based on 'yogic practices'.

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