Secrets of Astavarga  Plants

Secrets of Astavarga Plants

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Acharya Balkrishna
Divya Prakashan Publications
978 8189235864

Ayurveda is the science of eternal life. It is a part of life, excellent and great tradition- a part of our prosperous and glorious history. Starting from Brahma, various Rishis and Maharishis (sages) in the tradition of Daksh, Ashwini Kumar, Indira, Atreya, Punarvasu, Dhanvantri, Bharadway Nimi, Kashyap, and other humanist have protected the prosperous tradition of Ayurveda. Many of the divine medicinal plants became endangered or were believed to have become extinct. We believe that due to the instability in the climatic conditions, many plants have become difficult to find. These medicinal plants usually grow in endemic conditions, with a particular elevation and climatic conditions and occur in small patches. They are visible over large parts of the countryside. It is essential to protect these plants.
This book is intended for attention of researchers, cultivators of medicinal plants, and the billions of people who wish to see an error free knowledge of medicinal plants in the global forum.
Medicinal plants identified are similar to ashtavarga, so that error free identification is possible. Attempt is made to provide a reliable and detailed use of Astavarga plants, through including the references, and research of the complete shastras (scientific texts).

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