Stories from Indian Classics

Stories from Indian Classics

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V. Krishnaswami Aiyar
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

This book is compilation of stories from Sanskrit Classics representing the best that ancient India offered in the form of moral and spiritual education. They have been compiled from Puranas which enshrine truths which have an abiding vitality Puraapi navam, though old, the Puranas are ever new. Time cannot make them obsolete nor is their value confined to the land of their origin. They are eternal in their import and universal in their application. They represent some of the brilliant facets of the uncut diamond of our ageless Culture. In the words of Sister Nivedita, they have been the `Cradle Tales of Hinduism' uttered in song and story providing lullabies with which the Indian mother steeped in tradition rocked her babies to sleep. They have also furnished a worthwhile pastime with which, in solitude or in society, the aged begulled the creeping hours of their leisured evenings. Whether one believes in the factual content of these stories or not, their didactic purpose is inescapable. They will serve to inspire generations of mankind filling them with noble resolves and urging them to purposeful endeavor.

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