The English of Savitri: Vol 4 (HB)

The English of Savitri: Vol 4 (HB)

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Sri Aurobindo (Compiled by Shraddhavan)

The English of Savitri: Part 4 (Book Ten – The Book of the Double Twilight)

Continuing from the previous book in this series, this volume, also based on transcripts of classes held at Savitri Bhavan, begins with a summary of Book Nine—The Book of Eternal Night before proceeding to a detailed examination of all four cantos of Book Ten. The author’s aim remains the same: to read the poetry according to the natural rhythms of English speech and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the poem by explaining Sri Aurobindo’s vocabulary, sentence structure, and imagery. She also notes that the Mother took a particular interest in Book Ten, even translating into French a section from Canto Three, “The Debate of Love and Death”. In this debate with Death, Savitri’s replies to his arguments reveal a higher Truth that dissolves the darkness of ignorance and death.

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