The English of Savitri: Vol 8 (HB)

The English of Savitri: Vol 8 (HB)

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Compliled and Edited by Shraddhavan
Savitri Bhavan, Auroville

The English of Savitri: Vol 8 (Book Two - The Book of The Traveller of The Worlds - Cantos Seven, Eight and Nine) comments on the language of Sri Aurobindo's EPIC Savitri -  Volume Eight in this series on The English of Savitri explores Cantos Seven, Eight and Nine of Book Two. Aswapati continues his search for the underlying cause and the final cure of the imperfection of our earthly life. He now enters the last three of the Life realms. In Canto Seven “The Descent into Night” and Eight “The World of Falsehood, the Mother of Evil, and the Sons of Darkness”, he descends deeper into the Night of Falsehood and Evil until he finds “the secret key of Nature’s change”. This discovery at once casts him up into “The Paradise of the Life-Gods” (Canto Nine), a world of unfettered delight where the anguish of his long journey through the realms of Life is healed and he is prepared to enter the worlds of the Mind. Like the previous volumes, this book is based on the transcripts of classes held at Savitri Bhavan. Its aim remains the same, to read the poetry according to the natural rhythms of English speech and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of Savitri by explaining Sri Aurobindo’s vocabulary, sentence structure, and imagery.

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