The Flute Calls Still

The Flute Calls Still

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Dilip Kumar Roy
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Pages 390About The Author INDIRA DEVI, born to wealth, luxury and culture and refined to her finger-tips, came, unaccountably, to be dogged by other-worldliness which gave her no peace till she met her destined Guru, as she puts it, in Sri Dilip Kumar Roy who advised her to accept Sri Aurobindo as her Guide in 1949. But she refused and the great Sage counselled Dilip Kumar to accept her and wrote that she was an aspirant of advanced spiritual consciousness whose samadhi was of the savikalpa kind, and nature highly psychic and receptive. After founding the Han Krishna Mandir Ashram at Poona under the aegis of her accepted Guru, she began, at his instance, to write about her experiences and evolution in Yoga to two American brother-aspirants, Richard Miller and Don Taxay, who had adopted India as their spiritual home. These letters form the first Part of the present volume. The second consists of letters written by Dilip Kumar and others about the happenings in Han Krishna Mandir and about the saints and sages and spiritual life in general. These have been edited finally by Dilip Kumar as a tribute to Indira Devi on her birthday this year 1964, with the one aim to attest the last Rality, vivid and large as life, which answers all true aspiration with its boon of bhakti and adoration of Lord Krishna who manifests His Love through Beauty to lead us to Bilss..ForewordI am yet to see this living flute. But I have, indeed heard her strains from afar. And I have found them passing sweet to the outer ear even as to the inner soul. Here is a melody She writes to Ekanta and Prashanta, two Amercian devoteesGrace is not a salve ready to do our binding at.

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