The Magical Carousel

The Magical Carousel

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Patrizia Norelli Bachelet
VAK Trust

The Magical Carousel an Evolutionary Journey thorugh the Zodiac with Illustrations & Commentaries  - Patrizia Norelli Bachelet (thea)

The Earth entered the Age of Aquarius in 1926. There is now a push for mankind to move beyond a sense of isolation and separateness toward a universality, toward a gnostic society. That is the meaning of Aquarius, sign of the Friend. This movement is not the product of past ethical or religious or spiritual ideas – it is the outcome of a new manifestation and descent of what Sri Aurobindo calls a Supramental force on Earth.

In the 10th stage of the journey, Capricornland, the main protagonists – the children – enter a mountain cave, they stand face to face with the Time Spirit and undergo an initiation which leads them to find out who they really are. After this nothing will ever be the same in their lives again. Capricorn is the Earth (sign) and it is ruled by the planet Saturn; even Saturn is transformed and takes on a new magic – its rings become symbols of the cosmic carousel.

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